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Air Duct Cleaning

Indoor air quality can be up to 70% worse than outdoor air. With most of us spending more time indoors, ensuring your system is free of dust, debris, and pet dander can help people who are sensitive to airborne particles. We recommend having your air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years or as needed. The frequency of cleanings can be affected by allergies, asthma, pets, major remodeling, odors, and outdoor pollutants such as smoke and dust.

Air Duct Cleaning

Powerful Suction

Our industry-leading portable negative air machine provide us with truck-mounted suction, without the need to run 100ft of hose throughout your home. 

Air Duct Inspection

Video Inspection

Our HD-Inspection Camera allows us to get a live feed of what is in your system. It also helps us identify any issues in your system, such as leaking or damaged duct work.

Air Duct Cleaning

Agitation & Cleaning

Each run and main trunk line is agitated with our powerful brushing system to loosen up dust and stuck on debris. Our air whips and nozzles sweep the system to complete the cleaning.


Sanitation & Odor Control

After your system has been thoroughly cleaned, we can fog your entire system with our non-toxic formula to remove bacteria and help remove odors. This is helpful if previous owners had pets or were smokers. 

Furnace Cleaning

Furnace Cleaning

At the heart of every system is the furnace. We take our time to clean the blower motor, heat exchanger and evaporative coil as part of our cleaning process. 

Air vent cover

Peace of Mind

Now that your system has been cleaned properly, you can rest assured that your indoor air has improved drastically. Plus, you don't have to worry about what your little ones may find behind those vent covers.

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